15 October 2010

Barbara Heath's House Geisters from Tinsmith: An Ordinary Romance

Featured above are some of Barbara Heath's beautifully tinsmithed House Geisters that form part of the magnificent body of work in our current exhibition of Tinsmith: An Ordinary Romance. The show reveals the fascinating forgotten history of tinsmithing in South East Queensland and launches her collection of extraordinary new objects such as the House Geisters pictured above. Tinsmith: An Ordinary Romance is on display at artisan until the 13th November. Work is available for sale from the gallery and will soon be available for sale from our online store. A catalogue designed by Mal Enright that details the lost craft of tinsmithing in South East Queensland is also available for sale at the exhibition.

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  1. Feed back from 'follower#7' - thanks to all the team and everything looks a treat, just as we planned!
    mal E (+ Bh