31 January 2011

Brisbane Artisan Studio Tours 2011

In 2009, artisan developed two half day artisan studio tours in partnership with the Ideas Festival. Each tour had 30 people and visited 3 artisan studios where a brief 15 min talk was undertaken by the practitioner and the opportunity for studio sales occurred. The tours were a great success with excellent feedback from both participants and practicioners who opened their studios. Practitioners were introduced to new clients, some sold their works directly to the public and great media was achieved !  

Artisan will again conduct artisan studio tours in 2011. We are calling for expressions of interest from practitioners who want to be considered as a studio for visiting. The tours will be Brisbane focused for 2011. If you have a great studio/space/workroom that can accommodate up to 30 people, and are willing to do  a short artist talk,  then please contact Andrea Higgins, Sector Development Manager, on 3215 0800, to be discuss for this special opportunity. An artist fee of $100 is paid by artisan to all practitioners. You will need to send a photograph of your space, current 2 page CV, 5 images of recent work and a short description of your practice to sector@artisan.org.au
Expressions of Interest open till end February 2011.

Images shot by Andrea Higgins and Romy Willing for artisan at Barbara Heath's studio, East Brisbane Ceramic Studio and Urban Art Projects.

27 January 2011

Aseem Pereira Commission for QSL - Installed!

Artist Aseem Pereira has finished his beautiful series of woven artworks titled "Open Field"  for his commission with QSL facilitated by artisan 


Aseem Pereira’s commissioned artwork Open Field crosses the boundaries between art and craft with a large scale installation of hand woven recycled aluminum cans, for which each element will be individually hand crafted. Conceptually, the work reflects and connects us to the urban landscape in which we exist and contribute.

The elegant linear forms of the sugar cane stalks inspire the  eleven panels that create the artwork. Instead of a literal representation an abstract finished artwork has been realised. To conceptualize it as a landscape, the wall itself becomes the canvas or framework to support and expand relationships between the various areas involved in the make-up of QSL business and also the important regional partnerships. Integration is a point of departure for this commissioned artwork. The seemingly isolated parts of the work can be read as one creative expression incorporating the space that sustains it. A sense of integrity and balance for each individual panel has been achieved - essential to the visual composition and wholeness of this complex work.


This handmade, intricately and obsessively hand crafted artwork has employed recycled metal drinking cans in the form of meticulously cut thin metal strips. These stripes were then hand woven into a framework of copper weft threads. The finished artwork is entirely metallic with the intricate weaving process creating unique textures. The surprising use of materials and technique employed has resulted in a remarkable and highly ascetic outcome, which continues to hold the viewers interest as they walk through the space. The low relief patterns and textures invite the viewer to a move closer for a more intimate view of the work.

The techniques of weaving and recycling and revaluing metal have direct connections to Aseem Pereira’s cultural background. He was taught to weave with found materials in Brazil and employs these techniques regularly in his contemporary artworks. The weaving technique transforms our discarded waste and urban detritus into a conduit for inspiration.


A colour palette of yellow, black and silver is proposed. These colours are derived from elements of the landscapes that QSL has direct connections to, via its regional partnerships.

Below are some shots documenting the installation of his work and a very proud artist with the finished display!

What's New in (m)art design store for February

Sonya Abidin
Sonya Abidin, has created the cutest brooches, all hand crocheted with fine thread, reminiscent of the bed throws gram used make. She has spent hours lovingly crafting these miniature pieces of wearable art in a variety  colour combinations, perfect for most outfits. From $29.15, how can you go wrong?
In Sync
In Sync design, are a dynamic design duo, who have come up with a colouful yet polished range of jewellery, these pieces come in a range of different styles, and make a stylish addition to any outfit. Managers pick! My personal favourite. From $70.00.

Cass Edney
Cass Edney, has created a range of very collectable cups and saucers, wonderful for display in the kitchen she creates her work from domestic experiences, her range reflects everyday kitchen objects. $48.80 for one cup and saucer set. Start your collection today!

Zoe Jay Vaness
Zoe Jay Vaness has designed brooches that explore the beauty of pattern through intricately folded strips of paper. Each design is determined by a precise system of measurements that are transferred to the material by hand with a ruler and scalpel blade. The colour and balance of these intricate treasures makes them incredibly desirable and wearable item to own. $154 each.

21 January 2011

TOP DESIGN - Jamie Durie's new design reality show

Calling all designers, artists, creatives and decorators !

A casting producer for Granada Media in Sydney has contacted artisan to assist with sourcing for a new design-based reality television show called TOP DESIGN. The show will go to air on Channel Nine and will be hosted by Jamie Durie.

The format of the show will be similar to ‘Project Runway’ but will focus on Interior Design/Decorating. Each episode will feature design & interior challenges and the winner of the series will receive a large cash prize and national recognition.

They are looking for people across different creative industries with a strong sense of aesthetics (not necessarily from a strictly interior design background) who would like to translate their style into design and interior challenges.

Go to www.ninemsn.com.au/topdesign and click on the casting tab for more details, or email topdesign2011@granadamedia.com.au

18 January 2011

South Bank Store closed due to floods

What a week it has been with these incredible floods!

Artisan is high and dry at Fortitude Valley but the South Bank store is still without power and will remain closed for another week. We had time to clear out most of the store last Wednesday and put everything else up high and thankfully nothing has been damaged.

I'd like to personally thank all those people who have offered assistance and help. It has been truly appreciated.

My heartfelt wishes to those who have been affected by these floods.
Chetana, CEO


The Public Art Unit, Project Services is calling for Expressions of Interest from artists to design and install public artworks in a new multicultural centre development at Kangaroo Point. Three separate public artwork opportunities have arisen through the development of a new multicultural centre situated on the historical Yungaba Immigration Depot site on Main Street, Kangaroo Point. All public artwork opportunities have been identified for their potential to express and celebrate the immigration history of Queensland. It is envisioned that selected artists will undertake a significant level of community consultation in the development of their artworks.

Artwork Opportunity 1: This artwork opportunity has allowed for a lightweight suspended artwork to be created within the approximately 11m h internal void space above the entrance foyer to the building. Although this artwork opportunity is located internally within the building, it will be highly visible from the exterior of the building via a large scale glass curtain wall.

Artwork Opportunity 2: This artwork opportunity has allowed for digital artwork to be created and projected onto the western side of the Southern entrance facade of the building. The area identified for a projected artwork is approximately 17m h x 3 m wide and has a high level of visibility to all visitors entering the building as well as to passing traffic on Main Street.

Artwork Opportunity 3: This artwork opportunity has allowed for a temporary public artwork to be created to celebrate the opening of the new multicultural centre. It is envisioned that this artwork will have a strong emphasis on community participation and may be performative in nature.

All Indigenous and non indigenous artists with an interest in public art are invited to apply. Deadline has now been extended due to the recent flood crisis is QLD. Submissions must be received by 5pm, 21st January 2010.

To receive a copy of the Expression of Interest package, please call Angeline Smith on (07) 3235 4066 or email angeline.smith@projectservices.qld.gov.au This project has received financial assistance from the Queensland Government through art+place Queensland Public Art Fund.