17 November 2010

Glen Henderson Artist in Residence with QUT Creative Industries

Artisan member Glen Henderson, artist-in-residence at the Creative Industries Precinct, presents part one of the The Lightness Matrix, a three part Parer Place project extending into 2011. The opening event will be held at the marvelous Glass House with Peter Lavery is opening it on 24th November.

about the work:
The Lightness Matrix is a response to microscopic biological structures where all of the patterns are interrelated and the injection of each unexpected physical image reinterprets the space. From the smallest living organisms to designed and fabricated formations the lightness matrix looks at the way things are connected. 

In this work, the connections that play out between the scientific, the architectural and the infusion of selected imagery may seem like leaps of the imagination. Yet the process of bringing this material together frame by frame transforms what might be read as disparate elements into a seamless language of idea.

I see the brain as patterned environment. Through exposure to stimuli recognition takes place and the patterning evolves. In an endeavour to realize the new, the movie and the photographic prints chart a course through my recent practice, extracting from research material, constructs and processes. As a maker of imagery, I feel like a disjunctive poet bringing complex elements together and this introductory work is an invitation to enter stage one of a space-time continuum.
The underlying patterning of Matrix One reveals a shifting contingent of relationships between things of long interest to me. Viewers may decipher the codes and diagrams that link the sometimes disparate images by trailing back through to Glen's website, catalogues and publications. www.glenhenderson.com

Lightness: Whether the focus is a nerve cell, a Mongolian desert tent or a Stealth bomber, there is no shape without material and effort so the more we value minimal energy consumption the lighter (more efficient) the form becomes.

The Parer Place Project s an innovative outdoor projection exhibition series celebrating the moving image in all its forms - film, television, games, new media and art. The Urban Screens are solely dedicated to providing a digital canvas for emerging or experimental artists, with artworks animating the bold architecture of QUT's Creative Industries Precinct each night at dusk.

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