27 January 2011

What's New in (m)art design store for February

Sonya Abidin
Sonya Abidin, has created the cutest brooches, all hand crocheted with fine thread, reminiscent of the bed throws gram used make. She has spent hours lovingly crafting these miniature pieces of wearable art in a variety  colour combinations, perfect for most outfits. From $29.15, how can you go wrong?
In Sync
In Sync design, are a dynamic design duo, who have come up with a colouful yet polished range of jewellery, these pieces come in a range of different styles, and make a stylish addition to any outfit. Managers pick! My personal favourite. From $70.00.

Cass Edney
Cass Edney, has created a range of very collectable cups and saucers, wonderful for display in the kitchen she creates her work from domestic experiences, her range reflects everyday kitchen objects. $48.80 for one cup and saucer set. Start your collection today!

Zoe Jay Vaness
Zoe Jay Vaness has designed brooches that explore the beauty of pattern through intricately folded strips of paper. Each design is determined by a precise system of measurements that are transferred to the material by hand with a ruler and scalpel blade. The colour and balance of these intricate treasures makes them incredibly desirable and wearable item to own. $154 each.

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