19 April 2011

Interview with Amy Cochrane

artisan interviews talented young jeweller Amy Cochrane, whose nature inspired creations can be found in Critical Craftings: Unleashed 2011.

Amy Cochrane, Gum tree bud earrings 2010, cast sterling silver. Photo: Sam Lintern.
Tell us about your background – how did you come to be a creative practitioner?
I always enjoyed art classes at school however there was always a lot of painting involved and have never particularly liked working with that medium. Once I branched into sculpture in my later years at school I was much more enthusiastic and eager to explore.

After leaving school I completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. As students we were encouraged to network, attend and partake in exhibitions. I chose to take the advice on board and as a result my practise has slowly evolved.

Amy Cochrane, Bone dry series 2010, sterling silver, scrap tin, bone and stainless steel. Photo: S. Jones
Where do you find your inspiration?
My artistic practice is prompted by the disregarded objects I find within my surroundings. The process of gleaning is central to my work, it is the starting point from which I explore and deconstruct found objects and the landscape in which they were discovered.

What other creative people do you admire?
My practise is currently directed towards the making of jewellery I am inspired by artists who’s practice has had a similar focus such as the late German artist Hermann Junger, and Australian contemporary jewellers Marian Hosking and Roseanne Bartley.

Amy Cochrane, Six axes 2010, sterling silver and carved timber. Photo: Sam Lintern.
What’s next for your practice?
I am currently engaged in postgraduate study, completing a Master of Teaching at Griffith University, as a result my practice has been put on hold. However I intend to continue to exhibit and to begin making new work very soon.

I couldn’t live without…?
I could not live without my family and friends who constantly provide me with support.

Amy Cochrane, Wattle seedpod pendants 2011, cast bronze, heat coloured. Photo: S. Jones.
Favourite café/restaurant?
I would prefer to sit down to a home cooked meal prepared by my Grandmother any day. She never ceases to amaze me with new delectable delights.

Favourite weekend pastime?
I thoroughly enjoy rummaging through goods at a flea market or car boot sale.

Amy Cochrane, Wattle seedpod series 2009, cast sterling silver and stainless steel. Photo: Z. Wolfe.

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