07 October 2011

Zonta Club of Brisbane Breakfast - Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Event

The Zonta Club of Brisbane Breakfast enjoyed an evening event at artisan last night. Members enjoyed the hospitality of artisan whilst viewing the Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor exhibition. Those who attended were also fortunate to hear from two women featured in the exhibition.

Barbara Heath, a local jeweller whose brooch was inspired by the Tasmanian tinker - Ma Brown, spoke of her experience of creating the work for the exhibition. Heath owns a property near to where Ma Brown resided, and was fortunate to find a peg produced by Ma Brown whilst renovating this. Such a close connection clearly imparted an emotional sentiment in the piece.

Brit Andresen is one of the 100 inspiration Australian women showcased in the exhibition. Her work in the field of architecture has carved a way forward for future female Australian architects. She was the first woman to receive the prestigious Royal Australian Institute of Architects’ (RAIA) Gold Medal. Andresen also received funding from Zonta early in her practice to attend a conference in Venice, and spoke of how this positively impacted on her career development.

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