19 January 2012

Exhibitions Assistant Trainee Positon Available

Artisan is looking for somebdy to join the team as an Exhibitions Assistant Trainee.
For a complete application kit please email Shannon McCaskill at projects@artisan.org.au.
Applications close on the 31st of January.

  • To provide administrative support to the organisation’s exhibitions program
  • To support the development and implementation of artisan’s touring exhibitions program.
  • Prepare exhibition manuals for touring exhibitions, including database of works, itinerary, freight information, installation instructions, packing/unpacking instructions and photograph and create contents list.
  • Liase with venues and freight companies to ensure timely delivery of exhibitions
  • Liase with venues for contracts, payment of hire fees, delivery of marketing material and final venue reports
  • Assist with exhibition installation
  • Assist with exhibition research
  • Write labels and information panels for objects and artists
  • Arrange the design of marketing materials
This position is a traineeship funded by the Queensland Government.
As such eligible applicants must be living in Queenlsand and be an Australian citizen or a temporary visa holder or a permanent resident of Australia, must not have previously participated in a traineeship and must be unemployed and disengaged in the labour market as follows:
a) Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander peoples
b) Australian South Sea Islanders
c) Long Term Unemployed - people who have not been in employment for 12 months or longer
d) Older job seekers aged 45 years and older
e) Women re-entering the workforce
f) People from a non-English speaking background, including recently arrived migrants,   refugees and humanitarian entrants
g) People with disabilites
h) Recently retrenched workes who have low level skills and are unlikely to easily find alternative
employment as evidenced by having been out of work for three months or more
i) Young people aged 15 to 24 years

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