31 May 2012

Brisbane Indesign at Gallery artisan

On Saturday 26 May, the Indesign conference hit Brisbane with a bang.

Attendees dropped by the gallery to see artist talks by Leo Yip and Steve Barry (Ellaspede), Stuart Tiainen (Commex), and designer Fukutoshi Ueno. The artisan team also sampled a few other Indesign tidbits throughout the day -see photographs from the day's adventures below!

All photographs taken by Andrea Higgins for artisan.

Steve Barry and Leo Yip of Ellaspede presenting their custom motorcycles and apparel.
Indesign guests at the artisan store.
artisan visiting Luxxbox at Indesign.
artisan visiting Space Furniture at Indesign.
artisan visiting Luxxbox at Indesign.
Norman Johnson with artisan's Liana Heath.
Steelcase consultant Matt Jeffers at Indesign.
Alexander Lotersztain and artisan's Liana Heath at Stylecraft.
Christina Waterson designs at Indesign.
Artisan visiting Christina Waterson at Indesign.
The artisan team with Christina Waterson.
Designer Fukutoshi Ueno and Stuart Tiainen of Commex discussing the making of the Bambi Frame Screens.
Indesign guests taking in the artist talks at Gallery artisan.

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