07 June 2012

Save The Integrated Design Commission

It was announced on May 30, 2012 that South Australia's Integrated Design Commission will be axed in the upcoming SA State Budget.

The Integrated Design Commission is founded on the belief that decisions we make at the design stage, and in planning, impact on the opportunity for development to contribute positively. Expertise from all these phases should be allowed to inform the other. New construction practice can drive new design technologies. Design tools like visualization and simulation allow more effective, participatory planning. And engaging communities through design always leads to better outcomes. The IDC see design as a process of enquiry, planning as a process of defining, and development as a means of delivery.

If you would like to show your support for the IDC you can sign their petition that they are taking to Premier Weatherill. To sign the petition head to

To find out more about the IDC go to http://www.integrateddesign.sa.gov.au/who-we-are/about-us/

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