19 December 2012

Artisan's Cherish Christmas Showcase: Day 13

Welcome to day 13, the final day of the Cherish 2012 Christmas showcase. While Cherish may be finished, there are countless other unique, beautiful products available for purchase in our stores in Fortitude Valley and South Bank.

For day 13, Lydia Pearson selected the quirky Haasch Lamps by Alison Schutt and Jan Schutt.

"Such a witty re-purposing of an originally non-aesthetic product into one that becomes a considered piece of functional art. The patterns, colours and form are completely in line with contemporary interior aesthetic, yet the fit is purely coincidental. Beautiful, functional, sustainable - perfect!"
- Lydia Pearson, designer, Easton Pearson

Haasch Lamps are now in-store from $143 - $352.

1 comment:

  1. it was a thrill to be part of the select few that made choices this year, happy selling till the close of play + happy festives with friends and family . . . and see you back for more in 2013