28 February 2011

Tex Perkins by Tony Mott

For all those Tex Perkins fans out there, it's time to hurry on down to gallery artisan and check out Tony Mott's works - there's more than a few shots of Tex Perkins and best thing is they're for sale! If you absolutely can't make it in, or have been pondering a purchase since your visit then the good news is Tony Mott's photos are available from our online store, so you can browse from the comfort of your own home.

Below is one of our favourite comments so far, somewhat mystical, somewhat philosophical, very entertaining!

Tex Perkins by Tony Mott. Installation photo: A. Higgins
"The severe obloganic detail      
of this high res image is            
beautifully contrasted between
reality and the third dimension.
Flawless crem = Photogalactic
                                      Lens equalibrium"

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