29 July 2011

Finding Country - QUT Design Lecture Series

Coming Soon to QUT August through October

QUT School of Design has invited Adj Prof Kevin O’Brien to curate its 2011 Design Lecture Series.

It is entitled Finding Country, a radical project that is concerned with the ground we cannot see. The ground we can see is obvious; it is defined by the boundaries, buildings and cities we live in. But Country (aboriginal place), the most potent of all, is denied. Finding Country can only begin to exist when the seemingly exclusive are brought into a dialectical tension.

Speakers from the USA, Ireland, Japan and Australia will demonstrate comparative ways into design through their individual pursuits.

Talks will take place at the Tribal Theatre, 346 George St, Brisbane, fortnightly on a Thursday starting at 6pm, from the 11th of August to the 20th of October 2011.

For more information contact timothy.job@qut.edu.au

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