29 July 2011

Two exciting opportunities offered by The Wandering Room.

The Wandering Room has an opportunity for free and publicly visible studio and exhibition space at South Bank that need to be fillled ASAP.

They will be opening a 'pop up' art space on Grey Street South Bank from around the 1st of August that is to begin at the shop formally known as Egg. The devised model for this space includes studio for the Wandering Room and either one or a small number of artists.

Studio space will be granted via short application to The Wandering Room and will most likely be offered as a two week or one month period which will culminate in an afternoon tea exhibition. Your studio space will be visable to the public and so it must be active and grow and develop over your allotted time. In setting up your work we encourage you to think beyond the confines of the shop and where appropriate bring your work out onto the pavement of Grey Street itself.

Artists will be responsible for their own key and will be required to make a minimum of visits to Grey Street per week to ensure that their studio evolves and becomes the beginning of an engaging exhibition early on. The space is to be kept reasonably clean and tidy to comply with South Bank Corporation's expectations as well as heath and safety requirements. As well as a key, your space will have electricity, lighting, and possibly vinyl signage and moveable dividers. The Wandering Room will support you n selling works if you wish and are considering the possibility of an 'Artist's Shop'.

This opportunity would be most suitable for artists currently with work in progress seeking space; people who have diverse and experimental practice working in 3D, performance, new media or contemporary practice; and those who have time to occupy the space during the day or night to make it work.

For more information, including application form, please contact The Wandering Room directly:

Mobile: +61 43 110 5210 (David)
Mobile: +61 42 214 8366 (Sarah)
Mobile: +61 40 540 6176 (Angela)
Email: wanderingroom@y7mail.com


The Wandering Room Art Prize 'Closer' closing date has been extended to the 31st of July.

The exhibition 'Closer' will be held as part of the Wandering Room's Dollhouse program. Dollhouse is an actual dollhouse measuring 100cm wide x 82cm high x 30cm deep. The Dollhouse has 3 levels, 2 main gallery spaces, and has been outfitted with internal lights. The Art Prize exhibition 'Closer' will be a group show and will include a professionally judged first place cash prize. The winner of the award will get a full page in Independent Press Issue 3, including a life-size image of their work and a prfile. There will also be a runner up 'people's choice' acknowledgement.

Entries must be no bigger than 8 x 8 x 8cm. Only one submission per artist will be accepted. All works submitted will be displayed and entries may be in any media or format.

Details on how to enter can be found at: http://www.thewanderingroom.org/proposals.html

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