14 November 2011

The Lightness Matrix 2: SPACE : Glen Henderson at Federation Square

FROM 17 October  to the End of December Federation Square Screens will be enlivened by a new sort of puppet theatre week nights from dusk until 9pm.
Glen Henderson, exhibits Matrix 2 as part two of a three part Project developed as Artist in Residence at Creative Industries  Queensland University of Technology.
With SPACE as its theme the second work in the Matrix story harnesses the organic patterns of microscopic life that energises her work to explore the nature of spatiality in both its physical and spiritual guises.

In a search for mastery of some kind at the risk of metaphorically crashing to the ground, Henderson employs transitions reminiscent of puppet theatre.  In introducing each scene, her characters are more like scaled up figurines than puppets as they command centre stage before flying off to sit within the props to watch.
This unfolding story creates the impression of a new sort of puppet show and selling ones sole for knowledge and skill ensues until the curtains are drawn to a close and the story unfolds again.
Writers of stories, films and operas have reinterpreted this legend through stories appropriate to their own time.

For more information visit: 
www.fedsquare.com/events and click on big screen

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