31 August 2010

New Thea & Sami Products

(m)art retail manager Denise has been very busy processing Cherish applications and we have all been getting very excited about the new ranges that will soon be in store for Christmas.

Today we thought we'd share Thea & Sami's new range of gift ready hand screenprinted products that will be included in (m)art's Cherish showcase that opens on the 18th of November. Loving the floral, quite Japanese graphics and the contrast of the textured organic cotton and hemp fabrics against the bold graphics.
Super cute gift ready soaps thoughtfully wrapped in Thea & Sami's printed fabrics.

Placemats, which you can then co-ordinate with....

teatowels! These sweet graphics remind me of dandelions and windmills.
Very cute makeup purses!
The above purse is the Cottage Garden print on hemp/organic cotton.

And this one is the oh-so-pretty in pink Marguerite print.
I'm sure these purses will go super fast - can't wait for Cherish!


  1. Thanks for posting about our products! PS the cottage garden makeup purse shown is hand-printed on natural linen fabric.

  2. just wonderful, looking forward to November to see all the beautiful work