17 August 2010

Unpacking the boxes from Rolling Stone Magazine

Today the gallery staff began unpacking the boxes of magazines from Rolling Stone for our next exhibition - Rolling Stone : The Covers 1972 - 2010. Here is a sneak peak as they unpack the wonderful covers and delve into popular culture of the past :

The magazines yet to be unwrapped (above)
and the unpacked magazines from the 70's/80's laid out on the table (below)

Darth Vader has made it onto the cover.

The cover of the first Australian issue of Rolling Stone - Jan 1972

Artistic early covers featuring screen prints and hand drawn illustrations.

And that was only the start! Another peek into the room after lunch and Rolling Stone magazines are now covering every single centimetre table surface and most of the floor...

Like what you see? Want a closer look? Come along to the show! The exhibition opens here at artisan on the 2nd September 2010 from 6pm - 8pm and will be on display until 2nd October.

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  1. that looks amazing, must make the effort this time and come and view, surprisingly I recognised some of those covers.