18 August 2011

Exhibition Opening Friday 19th August 2011 - The Sixth Extinction: Our Postcolonial Ecology

The Sixth Extinction: Our Postcolonial Ecology

Works in Silver by Bibi Locke, Candidate for Master of Visual Arts

August 15th - 20th 2011

Opening: 6-8pm Friday 19 August

POP Gallery - 12 Ipswich Road Woolloongabba

The Sixth Extinction: Our Postcolonial Ecology is an exhibition of small scale sculptural works and jewellery created during Locke's Master of Visual Arts Candidacy. Extending the field of contemporary jewellery and small object practice, Locke visualises aspects of Australia's postcolonial ecoloy, including the direct impact of invasive introduced species on native flora and fauna, and the connection between everyday food products we consume and the endangerment of native species through land clearing for agriculture. Using traditional techniques of hand engraving and fine saw piercing. Locke's delicate depictions communicate compelling visual arguments; the small scale and intricate detail of the works invites us to carefully consider our relationship to the altered ecology of postcolonial Australia.

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