10 August 2011

Opportunity: Cultivating arts and disability

Cultivate is a new professional development fund for Australian artists with disability, offered through Art Access Australia.

Cultivate will provide seed funding to artists who want to further develop their professional artistic practice with the aim of being better placed to pursue a professional artistic career and to compete for funding in general arts funding programs.

Grants of up to $8000 are available for the costs associated with developing a professional practice as an artist. This could include specific skills or professional development opportunities including mentoring.

Applicants are encouraged to contact Arts Access Australia prior to submitting your application. Art Access Australia can help answer questions about your application or support material and give you information on how to put together an effective application.

Email: info@artsaccessaustralia.org
Phone: 0419 201 338 (voice/text)
Skype: artsaccessaustralia2

To apply, you must send a completed Application Form and your support material to Arts Access Australia by Monday the 12th of September 2011. Applications must be received by 10am.

Please send your application to:
Email: info@artsaccessaustralia.org (preferred)
Post: Arts Access Australia, 222 Bank Street, South Melbourne, VIC 3031

Further information about Cultivate, including application forms can be found here.

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