05 April 2012

Marc Newson supports a national policy for design

Australians are unfettered by any deeply rooted design heritage, while at the same time possessing vast natural and historical riches - this could foreseeably nurture the next generation of world class designers and help shape the future. It is for this reason that I am supporting a National Policy for Design in Australia.’ Marc Newson, CBE

The Australian Design Alliance (AdA) has launched a campaign on Pozible – the Australian crowdfunding platform – to help fund its advocacy for a national design policy.

The AdA is a not for profit industry alliance of peak professional organisations that represent designers across all aspects of Australia’s design industry.

The AdA’s goal is to promote the use of design to boost Australia’s productivity, sustainability and innovation. Convincing our political leaders in Canberra to create and fund a national design policy is their number one priority.

The AdA wants to see a national policy for design adopted by the federal government that will be embedded in all government policies but specifically linked to Australia’s Innovation Agenda and cultural and urban design policies. The AdA want to put design at the forefront of innovation for the good of Australia and the good of the design community.

Crowd funding is a new way to raise necessary funds to support the AdA’s efforts to advocate on behalf of the sector. This is a way for passionate individuals to pledge support from as little as $1. With this support they will be able to undertake the research they need to do to strengthen their case, spend more time influencing political leaders and step up their communications strategy to showcase the work of Australian designers in all their guises.

For more information on how you can support the AdA’s campaign please go to:

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