05 April 2012

Installation of new exhibitions

Motorcycles? In an art gallery? That’s right; we’re excited to see the Ellaspede bikes being rolled into the artisan window today as a part of our new exhibition schedule! Also being set up for the big reveal next week in Gallery artisan are the beautiful ghost net sculptures for The Long Tide: Contemporary Ghost Net Art. Made from massive commercial fishing nets abandoned in the ocean, these creations are bringing new life and purpose to an ecological hazard. In Gallery 2, the Finitude (V2) exhibition by Keith Armstrong combines physical and virtual media to create an interactive experience for visitors. As you can see below, our gallery team has had a great time putting these wonderful displays together and we look forward to sharing them with you from next week.
Ghost Net artworks being arranged as part of The Long Tide.

The Finitude (V2) display being prepared in Gallery 2.

The media are as excited as we are about Ellaspede! This is co-founder Leo Yip being photographed with one of the custom motorcycles on display in the artisan window.

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