13 April 2012

Work in Progress: the Queensland Museum Award 2012

Every year, the Queensland Museum (QM) awards the Queensland Museum Medal to an individual who has made outstanding achievements in a field relevant to the museum. 

However, 2012 is no ordinary year, with the museum is celebrating its 150th anniversary. To commemorate this incredible milestone, QM has selected Queensland artist Lincoln Austin to design two unique artworks to replace the traditional medal for this year's award. 

Created with Blue Crystal Marble, Lincoln’s art works 6˚ of Separation - Origin and 6˚ of Separation - Adaption are inspired by the concepts of interconnectedness that characterise the work of the Queensland Museum. 

The works will be revealed at a cocktail event in May as part of the anniversary celebrations. Adaption will be retained for the QM collection, and Origin will be awarded to the 2012 recipient of the Queensland Museum Award. Below are some snapshots of the works in progress.

All photographs courtesy of Lincoln Austin.

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