24 June 2011

Capital Growth - Björn Rust

Piggy Bank Concept:

As we approach a cashless system, traditional saving rituals begin to decay. Pledge Identification Gateway (PIG) offers emotional incentives to save while representing the health of a virtual money box. Each PIG carries a unique QR code which is scanned with a smart phone to make a payment. The PIG then illuminates to reward the act, but slowly fades until completely dark, indicating that the money box has been neglected.

Artist Bio:

Aiming to surprise and inspire, Björn Rust believes in socially responsible concepts with clear semantics and appealing aesthetics. Seeking new materials and processes, he values honest and holistic solutions. Rust has studied and practiced communication and industrial design, while having also worked in architecture. His work has been exhibited internationally, most recently in the USA and Japan. In 2008 Rust co-founded Snack On, a design studio focused on independently manufacturing and distributing products he and his collaborator, Surya Graf, develop. He also runs his own practice while consulting for Street & Garden Furniture Co. on urban design concepts. During the past twelve months Rust has worked to create a collective of Queensland based designers to independently showcase local design and manufacture in Australia and abroad.

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