10 June 2011

Capital Growth - Surya Graf

Piggy Bank Concepts:

With so much of our banking being done electronically now, the idea of saving for things with real money is disappearing, so the idea of a piggy bank needs to change. Cash is now used for small daily purchases, rather than being something that we try and stash away. Most people tend to have a jar or a bowl filled with coins that they dive into whenever they need some quick funds. The Nest is a twin layered bowl that can be a place to keep your loose change but also your keys, jewellery and mobile phone. It is intended to be that home spot for your precious things as well as something that you use every day. While the form was initially inspired by an image of a traditional Roman clay money box from the 3rd century AD, the Nest would be manufactured or finished in materials including anodised aluminium, polished stainless steel and brushed copper.

Artist Bio:

With a background in Architecture and Industrial Design, Surya Graf has predominantly focused on furniture design within the urban environment. He has designed products for major streetscape projects throughout Australia and internationally, and been nominated for numerous design awards. Graf develops interior furniture, lighting and homeware products through his own studio, while also collaborating on events and exhibitions. In 2008 Graf co-founded the Snack On design label and online store. While always focused on functionality and a refined simplicity of form, his design practice is influenced by new technologies combined with an innovative use of existing materials and processes.

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