20 June 2011

Capital Growth - Cox Rayner Architects

Piggy Bank Concept:

This little piggy bank is a cube which subdivides into three compartments, representing three roles – living, saving and giving. Living is for week-to-week, month-to-month living expenses. Saving is for building up a fund for investment or a rainy day. Giving is for donating money to worthy causes, and is thus good for the soul. All three have slots for inserting money of course, but they are also perforated with tiny apertures so that you can see your money accumulate in each. Each segment is an irregular shape cut in the likeness of a fault-line, indicating that the condition isn’t stable until all three abut in the ‘complete’ cubic form. Thus, the piggy bank is not just a piggy bank, but an embodiment of a life in harmony – where living, saving and giving find their perfect alignment.

Artist Bio:

Our piggy bank has been designed by Casey and Rebekah Vallance, two of our most revered design architects, and Troy Rafton, head of our 3D visualisation team. Casey has been design architect for SW1 South Bank, Marina Point Cairns and the new University of Queensland Oral Health Centre about to begin construction adjoining Royal Brisbane Hospital. Rebekah has designed two houses and the children’s playground at Elysium Noosa, and is currently design architect for the mixed use Mosaic development in Fortitude Valley. Casey and Rebekah also design plate steel and aluminium furniture.

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