06 June 2011

Capital Growth - Jon Goulder

Piggy Bank Concept:

My first reaction to this project brief was to be political or to make a statement. I thought of all the things we are forced to throw money into – petrol pumps, banks, multinational companies that dominate the market place. After growing bored with these thoughts I pondered on how you depict a rainy day in the form of a piggy bank, because everyone saves their coins for a rainy day. Finally I focused on the rapid prototyping process and a form that I would like to see as a piggy bank. This is how Scrooge the tug boat evolved. It could be from watching the tugs in Fremantle harbor with my sons, plus I have always liked the squat and broad form of tug boats, they seem to have a great proportion and as an object for a child’s room Scrooge fits well.

Artist Bio:

Jon Goulder designs and builds timeless furniture that can be handed down through generations. In 1992 he completed an apprenticeship in upholstery and furniture making to become a fourth generation craftsman and in 1994 he began designing soft furnishings for large commercial retailers. Since then he has designed a body of work which positions him as a stand-out Australian designer. He describes his clean-lined design sensibility as something of a reaction against the antique styles he was exposed to in his initial training. Goulder’s work has featured in major exhibitions and publications around the world and his designs are in the collections of many national and international museums and art galleries.

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