30 June 2011

Capital Growth - Shane Thompson

Piggy Bank Concept:

The piggy bank is a ubiquitous domestic object. It symbolises hope, aspiration and wishful thinking as well as being a repository for unwanted loose change. Although the archetypal form is slightly abstract (pigs aren't really that fat and round, are they?), it remains quite literal. I am interested in the power of abstraction to provoke a rethinking of the problem and purpose when designing and the Zen idea of ‘richness through exclusion’. Accordingly, I have chosen to both abstract the archetype and create a richer idea of a piggy bank by excluding the form of a real pig, in silhouette, from a plain and simple box. Hopefully the result is perceived as simultaneously obvious and intriguing.

Artist Bio:

Shane Thompson is a prominent Australian architect who has been a Principal of BVN Architecture for 24 years. More recently he has established Shane Thompson Architects and is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Queensland. Thompson’s work has been awarded, published and exhibited extensively both in Australia and internationally with over 100 awards and prizes, including the National AIA Robin Boyd Award for Residential Architecture and a Sir Zelman Cowan Award Commendation. Thompson’s work includes active involvement and board membership of a number of industry, cultural and environment organisations. He was recently appointed as a joint creative director for the 2012 AIA Conference to be held in Brisbane.

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