27 June 2011

Capital Growth - David Shaw

Piggy Bank Concept:

Soft underbelly was inspired by thoughts about how critical the flow of cash is through our contemporary lives, and how difficult it often is to save. I saw my piggy bank as something very ephemeral, a place where it would be good to think it might be possible to stash some cash, but also a place that is in a sense regularly defiled by the ongoing demands we place on ourselves to maintain our perceived needs. In my case this manifests itself as an unhappy pig that has been rolled over exposing its soft underbelly to those constant demands conceding, under duress, to the need for instant access to the cash.

Artist Bio:

David Shaw has been a practicing designer for more than 30 years, with a career that includes stints as a Design Lecturer, Designer Maker, and in-house Designer for a number of creative organisations. Shaw established his own company (Street & Garden Furniture Co.) in 1991 to design and produce street furniture and undertake commissions for significant urban spaces. With the success of his company he has been able to bring other designers into the organisation, and provide a stepping stone in the establishment of their careers. Shaw is also an active contributor to the creative industries through his membership of various creative organisations. Shaw and his company's work is extensively published and has received many industry accolades.

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