13 June 2011

Capital Growth - Marc Harrison

Piggy Bank Concept:

Pygg refers to a type of clay used to make household items around the 15th century. Often money was kept in Pygg clay jars, and so the term Pygg Jar became Pygg Bank. From there the name evolved to become the Piggy Bank. My design references the original Pygg Jar, in this case a round-bottomed jar that achieves balance through the ballast of the coin. The coins slide off the lid into the jar without removing the lid. It is much easier to save if we have a purpose and so my design has a personalised element as a reminder of this goal. This is incorporated by a card clip in the lid where a symbol or picture can be inserted as a reminder and an encouragement.

Artist Bio:

Marc Harrison studied Interior Design at the Queensland College of Art and began a furniture and fittings design label soon after graduating. His early designs included furniture, lighting, accessories and door hardware, and he manufactured and sold directly to national retail shops. One of Harrison’s designs was selected for the International Design Year Book 1996 by Alesandro Mendini, an Alessi design pioneer, and this launched Harrison’s designs overseas, eventually leading to the development of Husque in 2003. Husque products use a unique composite material of recycled Macadamia shell, are sold in 8 countries and have been taken up by the Museum of Modern Art, New York and more recently Paul Smith, London. Harrison continues to design experimental one-off pieces like this piggy bank as well as developing the Husque label.

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