03 June 2011

Capital Growth - Neil Davidson

Piggy Bank Concept:

Why are piggy banks so negative and boring? The Addi+ion piggy bank aims to change traditional concepts of the porcelain moneybox. Positivity and growth are key themes for this innovative little piggy bank. Coins are easily inserted through the “+” shaped money slot which reinforces the concept of saving money and adding wealth. Once a layer is filled, the Addi+ion piggy bank can grow and expand with extra layers providing extra savings capacity. As the bank grows it visually, emotionally and positively reinforces the act of saving money. When no more money can be added, the bank can be flipped over, snap in cover removed and the saver rewarded with their capital growth!

Artist Bio:

Neil Davidson is the Design Manager for CMD Product Design and Innovation, one of Australia’s most progressive design consultancies. Davidson’s work covers all aspects of design management; from style, innovation, function and product life cycle through to user safety. Starting his career as a CMD intern while completing a graduate diploma of Industrial Design at Queensland University of Technology, Davidson has gone on to grow with the company and now manages CMD’s large team of talented designers who have won eight Australian Design Awards in the last five years. A career standout for Davidson involved the design of the Cox Stockman Lawn Tractor which received numerous awards.

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  1. Yay Neil, these money boxes are great! I want one!